Happy New Years 2021


Happy New Year's Dope Family!


It's now 2021 and everyone has been waiting to get 2020 out of their heads and lives in general. This year we have to remain safe during this COVID pandemic while still going hard. This year there is no excuses. If you want to start your business then get it done. If you want to go back to school, then get it done. No matter what happens, we have to get it done this year. Accomplish your goals by any means.


Last year so many things happened to us individually not only globally. During the course of 2020, we lost family members, friends, and even role models. We've lost communities, some have lost their means of income just due to everything that is happening in the world today. 2020 was the year that tested us, now 2021 is the year that we are going to prove that no matter what life throws at us, that we are willing to get back up and go ten times harder.


This year is a breakout year. Push harder then you've pushed before. Take those leaps of faith. Don't let nothing or no one hold you back from chasing your dreams. 


2021 = No Excuses



Tha Realest

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