TruthDaRealest online V-Day Performance

On Valentine's Day this year, Truth wanted to show a little love to her fans by giving a free online performance of some joints from her latest project plus a track she just released. Check out the perform:


Happy New Years 2021


Happy New Year's Dope Family!


It's now 2021 and everyone has been waiting to get 2020 out of their heads and lives in general. This year we have to remain safe during this COVID pandemic while still going hard. This …

#DopeSubmission GEO - "Love Her"

#DopeSubmission GEO - "Love Her"


We got this really dope submission from GEO called "Love Her". Its a real smooth vibe and dope beat all around. Check it out on Spotify here:


#DopeSubmission Phaze-A-Matic - "Fucked Up" Ft. SM100Grand


Phaze-A-Matics - "Fucked Up" Ft. SM100Grand



We got a submission for Phaze-A-Matics and checked out the visual to the latest release "Fucked Up" Ft. SM100Grand on youtube. Gives that Chief Keef vibes on this. Check it out.

Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays from us here at Dope Family. We hope that you and your families and friends have a great holiday season this year despite this whole COVID thing. Make great memories and stay safe this holiday season. We love …

Respect the 9-5 Hustle

The normal day to day grind has been belittled more and more as time progresses. We now live in a world that fast and easy money is the way to go but in reality that just isn't realistic. The U.S.…